Monday, July 9, 2012

Directionally Challenged

I am directionally challenged. I'm not sure if it is genetic or something I picked up somewhere. I question my GPS when it tells me to take a certain path. Sometimes, I go the way I think that is right and then I end up lost. Other times, I follow the directions that my GPS spits out and I arrive at my destination. On time. Who knew?

I like to give my opinion regarding directions. I tell my husband when I think he's headed in the wrong direction and he just looks at me. I really do believe I am right when I give input and 98% of the time I am completely wrong. My friends and family know this. They know to ignore me when I tell them which way to go. On the rare occasions they listen to me and we end up lost, they aren't allowed to get upset. They should have known better.

Yesterday, I realized that my disability reached a new level. My husband and I took our canoe out to the Matanzas Inlet. I swear that high tide was at 7:00 p.m. and we counted on this because when we were to cross a certain channel that goes out to the ocean, the tide wouldn't be going out. Well, I somehow mixed up low tide and high tide (though I still believe the website was wrong). So, not only did we run into a bunch a sandbars but for a split second, we lost control of our canoe and I had this very realistic fear that the tide would pull us out into the ocean.

We managed to cross the channel and we beached our canoe on a huge sandbar - it was like our own private island. The sand was white and as soft as silk. We swam around the sandbar for an hour until thunder and lightening told us it was time to go home.  I admit that I did get the tides mixed up but it was actually a blessing.  If it were high tide, we wouldn't have found a tropical paradise created by God just for us.


  1. Sounds beautiful.

    Me too on directionally challenged.


  2. Sometimes being off track takes us to a better place. Glad you had a lovely time. :-)