Monday, May 6, 2013

Funny Story Monday: My Mom

Since my last post was pretty depressing and the A to Z Challenge is over, I figured that I'd start doing Funny Story Monday posts again.  We all need to laugh right?

When I was in high school, I studied all the time.  I worked on homework for hours and hours every evening.  On one particular evening I was sitting at the kitchen table doing my homework with headphones on.  Listening to music helps me get into the zone and I can tune out most distractions.

I was working hard, listening to music and heard a weird knocking sound.  It was coming from behind me - the wall that bordered the garage.  I couldn't really tell what the sound was because of the headphones.  So, I took them off and heard, not only pounding, but screaming.  It was my mom.

I ran into the garage to find my mom sitting on the washing machine with her butt stuck inside.  She was actually stuck and she was kicking her legs against the front of the washer.  I can't remember if I started laughing or was so embarrassed that I was in shock.  If it were me now, I'd totally be laughing.

Why was she sitting in the washing machine?  Because our neighbor's pet ferret ran into the garage and scared the living shit out of her.  She is terrified of small critters.  It wasn't until somewhat recently that she got over her fear of cats.  A ferret running under her feet in the garage - she just couldn't take it.  I guess that she was trying to get to high ground.  She just didn't consider the outcome of jumping on the washer without closing the lid first.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Work That Makes You Cry

I was at a training today and it was tough. The entire day was centered around child safety.  We heard stories from child sexual abuse survivors as well as those who have molested.  I'm thankful that the lights were out when we were watching certain videos because I couldn't help to cry.

Why are there so many bad people in the world?  I just don't understand it.

Participating in this training makes me want to change jobs.  I want to work in an office or a coffee shop or at a campground.  It is so difficult being responsible for child safety.  There is so much evil out there - it terrifies me.  It really, really scares me.

I listened to one individual talk about how he had molested over 100 children.  He showed no remorse.  I wanted to kill him. 

Just as I was questioning my work, the presenter told our group that for every trained professional, ten children become safer.  So, because of the 30 people who were trained to screen and identify potential child molesters, 300 children are in safer situations.  This made me feel better.  This reminded me of why I deal with the difficult stuff.  It's for the kids.  Thank God for those of us who have the strength to stick around for a little while in this field. 

I still wish that abuse wasn't a part of this world.  I wish that no one ever had endure it.  I wish that children were always safe, always loved and always put first.  God, please help those of us in these roles stay intuitive, attentive, open, sane, compassionate and intentional.