Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Morning Reflections

I haven't really been in the mood to write or even practice photography.  I started studying digital photography because I realized that when I transitioned to a digital camera six years ago, that didn't mean I became a digital photographer.  I discovered that I was just an old school I-wish-I-still-had-a-darkroom photographer who uploads her photos on a computer instead of printing them.

After I found out that I've been saving my photos incorrectly, from the very first click of the shutter, I sort of felt like a dork and became a bit dissonant.  In regards to writing and photography, I have just needed a little break.  But, the need to be creative is seeping its way back into my life.

Here are a few random thoughts:

  • I've started using an online calorie tracking site and I've learned that immediate feedback into the amount of calories, carbs, fat, sodium, protein and sugar I intake on a daily basis is very eye-opening.  Some days, I am extremely proud of myself while other days are full of self-loathing and regret.  Being 35 and trying to get fit is difficult.
  • I am working three late nights this week and, though I sometimes wish I had a typical 9:00-5:00 job, it is really nice to be sitting on my sofa, drinking coffee and blogging knowing that I don't have to go into the office until noon.  This isn't too shabby.
  •  My dog hasn't been feeling well.  I can tell that he's uncomfortable and I'm starting to get that anxious feeling.  I can't ignore the fact that he will be 16 in August.  This just breaks my heart.  My husband and I are giving him Benadryl, making sure his floor fan is pointed in his direction and playing Sara McLachlan (his favorite musician).  He still eats really well, loves the beach and walks up and down a flight of stairs 3 to 4 times per day and I am thankful for this.  I just pray that things are never stressful for him.  One thing I know:  I will never have another dog - losing him will create a hole in my soul that I will never be able to fill.
  • I'm looking forward to the weekend.  The weather is absolutely beautiful in northeast Florida.  Recently, I found a little used bookstore - the books are all half-off the cover price and when you bring them back, you get a discount on your next purchase.  You can also check out new releases for $5 per week.  I'm so excited!  I still read paper books and haven't made the transition to electronic books.  I may one day.  I'm just not there yet.

Happy Friday!


  1. I hope your dog regains his health soon..

    Is My Fitness Pal the website you are using?

    Have a good week! x

  2. Thank you! Yes, I'm using My Fitness Pal and I really like it. It's simple to use.

  3. Jaimie, I remember the sweet comment you left me when our 15 yr old dachshund had kidney failure back in mid-December. You told me then about your beloved dog of 15 so when I just read this post it brought tears to my eyes. My husband and I both know how you feel. All I can tell you is to just treasure every moment with him and make him as happy as possible. You may very well be blessed with a lot more time with him than you could ever expect.

    It will be a month this next week since we lost Penelope and we have finally realized that we will be mourning her for a long time. I thought it through and realized that when you spend 15 years with a beloved pet it is almost like losing a limb. They don't go to school, to play with friends, or anywhere. They are with you almost round the clock. So even though we have stopped talking about our pain so much to family members now, we both are accepting that we will hurt for a long time. We will take good care of the two dogs and one cat that we still have but they will never replace Penelope.

    I know I haven't commented on the other things you wrote about but your love for your dear dog is what touched me so much.

    Just keep enjoying every moment with him.


  4. Dewena - thank you for being so honest & authentic in your posts. I agree with you about how much our dogs are part of our families. We adopted Floyd six months after my husband and I started dating. He's been a part of us almost as long as there has been an "us".

    Floyd is feeling better. I can tell when he rubs his face on the carpet after dinner:)

  5. Hi Jaime,
    I just found your site! Nice! I love this Friday morning reflection. It's nice to have those days when you can take your time getting into your day. It seems to make the rest of the day that much sweeter.

    I had to comment on the calorie counter - I tried this a few months ago - and got lazy. But thanks to you and your Friday reflection - I think I'm going to start week. :) Keep the reflections coming!

    1. I've recently been lazy, too. Time to start back up again:)

      Jaime at Awakenings and Reflections