Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Tequila Day

I don't know what kind of day you've had but my day was definitely a tequila day.  What's a tequila day you might ask?  It's a day that pretty much requires a shot of tequila in the evening.  I had mine with high-pulp orange juice (vitamin C) and it was wonderful.  I love simple indulgences.

You know you've had a tequila day when:

  • You walk into a room for something and forget what it was.
  • You're driving home from a meeting and realize you took a wrong turn after 15 minutes of going in the opposite direction.
  • You ask your supervisor for direction regarding an adolescent who made a shank with the intention of stabbing a peer at school.
  • You spend almost your entire day working on reports that determine if you'll receive funding next year.
  • You go for a walk on the beach with your husband and realize you are still wearing heels.
  • You remember that you haven't looked at your "to do" list in over a week.
  • You can see that the kitchen needs cleaned but know, deep down inside, that it will not happen.
Have you ever had a tequila day?


  1. Oh, man. I had one of those days today. Mine mainly has to do with a huge writing project I'm trying to complete—so stressful.

    I hope tomorrow is better for both of us. ☺

    1. Me, too. I hope that today was better for you. I sort of just let go of everything that I can't get done and it really helped ease the stress.

  2. I do 1 and 2 all the time! I'm not a tequila girl, though, so I have chocolate. :-) Sometimes wine.