What Are You Thankful For?

When we are experiencing particularly challenging times in our lives, it is easy to forget the important stuff.  I have been asking myself some tough questions lately and I've been left feeling very disconnected.  During these times, it is too easy to get consumed by negativity and lose sight of what is beautiful in our lives. 

Remembering what I am thankful for brings me back to reality.  Practicing gratitude is both humbling and inspiring.  I am sharing some of what I am most thankful for and will continue adding to the list on a weekly basis.  When feeling moved by something amazing, add a comment.  Who knows who you might inspire?     

  1. Finding God again after years and years of ambivalence
  2. My husband, my best friend
  3. Taking advantage of quiet mornings and using them as a catalyst for reflection
  4. That my dog sleeps so soundly, he actually snores
  5. Everything about the beach and its ability to rejuvenate my spirit
  6. Alfred Hitchcock movies
  7. Midnight blue nail polish
  8. Learning how to embrace uncertainty
  9. Laughter - I especially love those times when my husband and I laugh so hard that our stomachs hurt
  10. Cleaning my house - as weird as it sounds, I find cleaning to be a process of renewal and reflection


  1. This evening I am thankful that, at 15 years old, my dog still has enough spunk to play in the ocean.

  2. I am thankful for surprises. Just when I thought things weren't moving forward, a new opportunity was presented today. Aren't surprises like this wonderful?

  3. I am grateful for quiet mornings. My husband slept in allowing me some time to read, reflect and think in silence. It is during times like these that I feel a wonderful sense of peace.

  4. Coming home after a long day with a seafood dinner waiting for me makes me extra thankful for my awesome husband.

  5. I'm thankful that true loved ones push us to get out of our comfort zones. Where would we be if we stayed in the same place forever?

  6. Good music. I mean the kind of music that you close your eyes to and you're not sure if you want to cry or sing.

  7. Relaxing weekends: moments of reflection, water, days when my writing feels productive, when a new idea feels right, swimming, knowing that my future will be changing soon and road trips where the windows are down and the wind blows my hair in a million different directions.

  8. The sun breaking out of dark clouds & wrapping me in warmth.