Friday, July 30, 2010


Who knew I was homesick?  I sure didn't.  One day while my husband & I were talking about our future, we both realized that we wanted to go home.  We were faced with the ultimate question:  Where is home?  Our home is St. Augustine, FL and we arrived about six weeks ago.  St. Augustine is an amazing city and she welcomed us back with open arms - sort of like how I imagine God welcoming us into heaven.  She's not even upset that we left.

Home is the place where I fell in love with my husband.  It is the place that feels comforting.  Being here feels natural.  The air smells differently, the sun feels warmer, the rain is almost spiritual, and the chirping of crickets at night sounds like the most beautiful music in the world.  I didn't realize how much I missed this place, that I was even longing for it.  I have embarked on a new journey - a journey to happiness.  Not survival, not contentment.  Happiness.  I will take risks here.  I will raise my child here.  I will grow old with my husband here.  I belong here.  I am home and I am happy.             

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