Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Beautiful Mornings

I'm not a morning person. I never have been. I've only seen one sunrise in my life and that was about a month ago. When I first moved from a house to the condo that I am now living in, I really thought that having to take Floyd (my dog) out to potty was going to be a hassle.  Especially, in the mornings.  I was so wrong.  Having to walk Floyd first thing in the morning has been enlightening.  Now, to be honest, I don't quite care for the constant wining/crying thing that he does in my face.  I'm usually hoping that he forgets about me and moves to my husband's side of the bed so that I can pretend I am in a deep sleep.  But, nevertheless. 

As soon as I wake up, I hear the ocean.  I can't see it from my condo but I can hear it calling out to me.  The sound awakens me and helps me feel alive.  Watching the sun make its way into the sky, hovering over red tiled roofs and a plethora of palm trees, energizes me so that I can start my day fresh.  Today is a new day and anything is possible.  Maybe I will write more today or maybe I will practice yoga both in the morning and in the evening or maybe I will go on a photo shoot.  The possibilities are endless.  All I really know is that I wouldn't have seen the bright orangish yellow sky that one discovers first thing in the morning if I didn't have to take Floyd out for a morning walk.  I'm so thankful for moments like these.  They are simple and so very precious.  In these kind of moments, I really connect with God's love and grace.

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