Friday, November 25, 2011

My Macgyver

I was in love with Macgyver when I was younger.  I thought that he was awesome.  Now when I see photos of him, I don't know - it just isn't the same.  He isn't as sexy as I thought he was when I was a tween.  Did all middle-school girls have crushes on Macgyver or was I always attracted to older men?  What special characteristics do our childhood crushes possess?  Authority?  Power?  Intelligence?  Are they men who can protect us?  I think that the answers are "yes".

Now that I am married, I have to say. . . I'm quite lucky.  Not only is my husband compassionate, humorous and understanding but he is also protective, strong and assertive.  We were walking downtown yesterday evening, holding hands and laughing.  In the same moment, without pause, he had his pocket knife out in response to a group of roudy young guys that were walking by.  I am absolutely certain that if we were ever attacked, he would protect me. 

I am also positive that if anything awful happened, he would take care of me.  If the apocolypse comes, he will build us a house, hunt for food (even though I am totally against killing animals), find water and protect our family from thugs.  My husband would invent a way to booby trap our home in the woods so no one could sneak up on us.  He'd also find a way to keep me entertained by singing funny songs and doing weird dances that he saves up just for me.

My husband doesn't have the best fashion sense and he, pretty much, wears the same jeans and black t-shirt every day.  However, he does know how to fix anything - whether it is electrical, plumbing, carpentry or structural.  He can fix any problem - OMG, I married my version of Macgyver.  So, he doesn't use a q-tip, bubble gum and a match but he does have a lot of tools.

My husband is a real man - to me, this means that he is both supportive and encouraging; he likes both beer and wine but would never, in his life, order an appletini; he loves really disguisting horror movies but also has seen every Twilight movie in the theatre with me; my husband is a beautiful poet and he also has literally thrown people into the street when acting as security at a comedy club; he doesn't tell anyone but he loves watching the Golden Girls almost as much as I do; he eats steak and also tabouli; he gets pissed off easily but for the lack of values in our world; I've seen him return money that he's found a bunch of times; even though we aren't wealthy, he will save money to send to a friend who's in trouble and he will also volunteer to help me out at work, even if it is chaperoning a field trip for a bunch of at-risk kids. 

In short, my husband is a real man.  He is my Macgyver and I am thankful for him every day of my life.     

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  1. Very sweet. I feel the same way about my husband!