Monday, March 19, 2012

The Art of Simplifying: Less TV

I've been taking little steps to simplify my life.  Actually, I've taken some big ones as well.  I moved from California to Florida with the intention of simplifying my life.  It is working.  Florida is home and my head is clear here. 

One recent conscious step is watching less TV.  Normally, we'd always have the TV on in the background of life at home.  Not any more.  My husband and I are both involved in different creative endeavours and either working in silence or listening to music.  I love how music can create various atmospheres in your home. 

Watching less TV has simplified my life by removing unnecessary distractions.  I'm no longer using TV to escape.  Instead, I am utilizing the time I have in the evenings to be creative, inspired and connected to my family.  It is a simple way to live and I love it.   

Happy Monday.  Embrace the beauty of living a simple life.   


  1. I'm a fan of simplifying TV! I got involved with something for awhile that I got relatively obsessed with (don't necessarily recommend going this route lol), but it was something that took me away from my need to keep up on EVERY SINGLE SHOW EVER MADE. Four years later, I'm no longer insane. But I have maintained my low-key TV viewing. I have a couple shows I like, but we record them and I watch them when I feel like it. Otherwise, it's just quiet or music playing, and I like that so much better than being married to the television all the time.

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  2. Excellent point about less tv simplifying life. My husband and I have done the same, not watching network tv, and giving up cable. We still use it for the occasional DVD but it's not an every night thing like it used to be for me.

  3. TV is very addicting - - for me it's just background noise while I go about my business. I guess I should be asking myself - - WHY do I need background noise?! Simplyfing is a wonderful idea - maybe I'll try it!

  4. Moving from California to anywhere can be a bittersweet experience. I'm from Oceanside, California and now live in southeast Texas. Very different - some better, some worse. I wish you the best.

    New follower here. I'm getting a head start on visiting my fellow "A to Z"ers. I look forward to visiting again!


  5. I don't watch much TV, but I need to stay away from the computer and get more work done around the house.

  6. I absolutely love hearing from everyone. Thanks so much for sharing.