Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday's Random Thoughts

I never blog about random things.  I try to be intentional about what I write so that it relates to the title of my blog.  I feel like sharing a few random thoughts today that sort of follow-up from yesterday's post.

  • The boy I mentor did awesome last week so we had pizza for lunch today!  Woohoo.  He's been doing amazing and it surprises me how much happiness I feel just because he's doing his school work and behaving appropriately.  I wish that I had a picture of him walking through school carrying that pizza box.  He was so proud of himself for being rewarded.
    • We talked while we ate pizza and I told him about a dream I had last night.  There were two birds trapped in my house and I was trying to set them free.  His analysis of my dream:  "Well, it must mean that you are stressed out or it has something to do with your childhood".  He actually said this to me.  He's only nine years old.
    • He loves pizza and ate four slices.  There was one left and I offered it to him.  He said, "No thanks.  Let's share it with that nice lady at the front desk".  How wonderfully sweet he is.
  • Why don't I practice yoga every day?  I absolutely love it.  I feel so much better afterward.  It alleviates any back and leg pain, it stretches my entire body, relieves stress and opens me up emotionally.
  • The construction going on at my office is in full swing.  It was so loud today that I tried drowning out the noise with my iPod.  I just had a combination of music and drilling in my head.  The noise is so intrusive - I actually feel different.  Out of sorts.  I've always appreciated the trade (my husband has been in the trade all his life) but I have a much deeper appreciation for those individuals who do this type of work every day. 
  • I entered my first photography contest last night.  I did it just to do it.  We'll see if it goes anywhere or if I get any more passionate about it.  Maybe it will motivate me to compile a portfolio and start actively getting my photos out there. 
  • I've been reading a lot of A to Z Challenge posts and I get a little anxious when I find out that people are already finished writing their 26 posts.  I feel like I'm the only person who hasn't.  I am a procrastinator and I work best under pressure.  I always have been.  I've written ten posts so far - that is huge for me.  I guess that I just need to focus on what works for me.  I do admire all those other bloggers, though.
Happy Monday.  May your week be full of wonder, humor, creativity and enjoyment.


  1. The little boy you mentor sounds so sweet. And don't get too freaked about the early A to Z birds :)

  2. i can't wait to read your A to Z posts.

    and i love these random-y kind of things. i feel like they give real insight into your day/life.

  3. I haven't started on A To Z, either. I might get some of the posts written before Sunday, but I'm not going to press it.

  4. How cute!

    And don't worry- I'm not ready with my A to Z posts either

  5. Judy - he is sweet. I wish that I could post a photo of him. He's kind of chubby (which I love) and has the biggest blue eyes you've ever seen.

    Tammie - thanks. I love reading yours as well. I almost sent you a message when you hadn't posted in a while. I missed your thoughts and insights.

    John & Jnana - it is nice to know that others aren't finished either. I agree, I'm just going with the flow. I want to enjoy the challenge, not feel pressured by it. There's already enough pressures in our daily lives.

  6. That is wonderful about your little guy! It's amazing how kids can turn around when some love and attention gets fed into them. He's so lucky to have you!

    lol Don't feel bad, I haven't done a thing for A to Z yet either. I normally blog every day anyway, so I'm not overly worried about it. Don't stress out over it... it's essentially just a fun thing, right?

    In Which We Start Anew

  7. I haven't even gotten close to finishing my A to Z posts. I haven't even really got a theme! Good luck!

  8. Jo & Heather - good luck to you as well. March just flew by!

  9. For what its worth I haven't finished my Challenge post either. Sometimes inspiration strikes at the most unexpected and last minute moments...that's what I'm hoping for anyway. Good luck!