Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thank You

Have I really been blogging for over two years? When I think of things like this, I am amazed that time goes by so fast. My initial motivation for blogging was just to write and be creative. I've grown to really appreciate the sense of community that comes along with this and I'm thanking three wonderful bloggers for sharing awards with me.

Thank you to Heather at Stretching My Wings and Mare Ball at Adventures in the Ballpark for recognizing my blog with a couple of awards.  Both are really cool, intentional and authentic women who also live in Florida!

Lily Tequila at Wishbone Soup Cures Everything has shared the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you, Lily! I love your vitality, writing and outlook on life.
First, the Liebster award.  Liebster is the German word for beloved/dear/favorite.  The Liebster Blog Award is "passed from one blog to another to honor smaller blogs (those with less than 200 followers) that deserve recognition for their fabulous blogging abilities."  Mare Ball did some research has a really neat explanation on her blog post.

The Rules for the Liebster Award:

  1. Thank your Liebster award presenter on your blog
  2. Link back to the blogger who awarded you
  3. Copy and paste the blog award on your blog
  4. Reveal your five picks
  5. Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog

The Rules for the Kreativ Blogger Award:
  1. Thank and link back to the awarding blog (link above)
  2. Answer 7 questions
  3. Provide 10 random facts about yourself
  4. Give the award to 7 deserving others
The Rules for the Versatile Blogger Award:

  1. Thank the person who recognized you
  2. Add the award to your blog
  3. Mention 7 random things about yourself
  4. List the rules
  5. Award to 15 bloggers
  6. Inform each by commenting on his/her blog
I'm compiling the three awards and being creative in my appreciation to these three wonderful bloggers.

The Seven Questions:

  1. What is your favorite song?  I really love music so this one is difficult. Right now, I'm totally loving Gotye's Someone You Used to Know. One of my most favorite songs is Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes (I have a not-so-secret crush on Lloyd Dobler).
  2. What is your favorite desert?  It's a toss between cheesecake and key lime pie.
  3. What do you do when you are upset?  It depends on the situation. If I'm really upset, I usually cry. If I am pissed off upset, I can be passive aggressive. Usually, I process through my feelings (in my head) and it can take me a while to talk things out.
  4. What is your favorite pet?  Floyd, my dog. He'll be 15 years old in August and has been a part of my family since he was 9 weeks old. I know people say I'm crazy but I can't imagine having another dog after Floyd. He's the best.
  5. What is your favorite movie?  I love movies and have lots of favorites.  Some include: Rear Window, The Burbs, Manhattan Murder Mystery, the Twilight movies, Say Anything, The Sweetest Thing, The Celestine Prophecy and Gone Fishin'.
  6. What is your greatest fear?  Not being able to make it on my own.  I tend to worry about the future and not being able to support my family or becoming an old woman and being alone. Also, I'm afraid of lizards - they really freak me out and I almost got into an accident one time because a lizard jumped in my car.  I actually drove to a side street with my eyes closed, leaped out of my car and called my husband to drive my car home. I refused to drive my car until he found the lizard.
  7. What is your usual attitude?  I'm very easy going and I don't get upset easily.  I can handle stress and crises well because I just go with the flow.  I try to see the positive in everything and encourage others do so as well.
Ten Random Facts:

  1. I can't drink tap water because I think it tastes weird.
  2. I danced between the ages of 5 and 15 (tap, jazz and ballet).  I quit so that I could join band in high school.
  3. My husband is 13 years older than I am.
  4. I've never had surgery or broken a bone.
  5. Often, I think that I should be living in the 1950's as my values feel "old-fashioned" compared to others my age.
  6. No one I work with knows that I blog but I still don't share a lot of details.  The town I live in is small in the sense that people easily find out things and I always keep this in the back of my mind when blogging.
  7. I have one birth sister who is 4 years younger than I am and 3 adopted brothers who are 14, 12 and 11.
  8. My husband and I have sold pretty much everything we own twice, driven across the country four times, lived in San Diego twice and we minimize the way we live every couple of years.
  9. I have no idea how to use an iphone and I do not know what an app is.  I only use my phone to talk, text and wake me up in the mornings. 
  10. I love apple crisp but hate apple pie.  Go figure.
These awards are really going around in my small circle so I'm finding it challenging to share these with those who have not already been recognized. So, I'm doing this my own way and giving a shout out to some of my very favorite bloggers. If you already have the award, consider this a duplicate and know that I just love connecting with you. There are so many more awesome bloggers but, to be honest, this post has taken me a long time to write and I'm growing sleepy.

  1. Melody Mae
  2. Teresa at Journaling Woman
  3. Bumfuzzle (this is the very first blog I ever read and I have been following the family for two years. They aren't your typical bloggers that I've come across but their website includes amazing photos and an awesome story)
  4. Dana at the Daily Dose
  5. Sharon at Just Thinking
  6. Jo at In Which We Start Anew
  7. Kelle Hampton at Enjoying the Small Things (another one of the first blogs I ever read. She has an awesome story of strength and acceptance as well as beautiful photos)
  8. Judy at Life. . . Minute by Minute


  1. Hi Jaime, Congratulations on your many awards! May you have a blessed, peace filled day and week ahead. {{{KC}}}

  2. Congratulations with your many awards. That is absolutely awesome.

  3. Awakenings is a awesome blog. Congrats. And thank you for the mention. I really appreciate YOU!


  4. Jsime, I agree with you on tap water and lizards! Great write up, so nice to learn more about you. You do have a sweet, thoughtful blog! I'm going to check out the other FLorida blogger! :-)

  5. Congrats on your awards--and thank you for thinking of me. :) It was great getting to know more about you!

  6. i love these randomy type posts!

    i thought i was the only one left on the planet without an iPhone. my teenage son REALLY wants one but not only am i not down with the cost, i just don't feel he needs yet another electronic distraction. we have two computers, a ps3, a wii-all of which he can access the internet from.

    so yeah, we all have regular old dumb phones and we use them for exactly what you use them for:calling, texting, and an alarm clock.