Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I'm sure I have mentioned that I work with children. School started on Monday and today was my first time back since June. God, I really missed them. I work with between 60 and 80 kids and I just love them. The things the say will both break my heart and make my day.

We asked one child to tell us how he shows people he likes them and he replied, "Duh. I give them a hug". Geez, how did I not realize that. I am really excited about going back to schools tomorrow and Friday. I can't wait to see how much they've grown, how they are feeling about school, what their plans are for the school year and how we can help them be successful.

I really believe that kids are lacking positive role models. I spoke with a mom about recently moving out of town and asked how her son was feeling about having to start a new school. She responded, "I don't know. I haven't asked him". Well, maybe you should.

I'm not a parent so I can't pretend that I know what it is like. I do love the children I work with, though. I know that they crave attention, feedback, guidance, fun, honest conversation and unconditional love. I don't know the exact kind of parent I will be but I do know that I will respect my child and show genuine interest in him or her. I wish this for all of the kids I work with. I wish that they had three meals a day and weren't exposed to violence. I hope that they feel loved and cared for. I strive to teach them leadership skills and to find their innate strengths.

Prayer:  Please, God, take care of the kids I work with. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of their lives. Help them feel loved and appreciated. Give them strength to make good choices; especially, in difficult situations. Remind them that there are people who care for them and that we will do everything in our power to see that they reach their full potential.


  1. i love this post.

    and yes, that mother should ask her child how he's adjusting. but in her defense, sometimes it hard. not that the actual act is hard.but sometimes its just one more thing to do. im not saying that that is an okay excuse, but i get it.

    this is why the wprld needs peripheral people like you to give kids the support they need when the weight of it all becomes too much for mom and dad. bravo to you and keep up the good work.

  2. man there are a lot of typos in that comment. thats what happens when i talk to my kid while typing. oh the irony.....

  3. Your students are lucky to have you. We need advocates for kids like you. :-)

  4. One of the things I miss the most about teaching is how surprising kids can be sometimes! Occasionally, I regret not staying...but then I think of all the hoops teachers have to jump through just to teach to a test and I know I made the right choice for me. I kills me to hear parents and politicians blaming school failings on teachers when I have never in my life met a teacher who didn't have his/her students best interests at heart!

    Kudos to you for a wonderful post!

  5. A little update: I saw a kid today who I hadn't seen in a year. I almost picked him up and hugged him but I knew that he wouldn't think it was cool.

    He had a little accident on the playground and said that he thought he must of hurt his funny bone because when he bumped it, "I both cried and laughed".