Monday, August 6, 2012


One of the best parts of my job is that I assess people. I love doing assessments. It's sort of like I am getting paid to hear people's stories. They welcome me into their homes and open their lives to me. Their authenticity and vulnerability are beautiful. Every time I meet with someone, I am reminded of how compassionate and giving people are. These are good reminders in a world that, at times, seems like it is full of hate and hopelessness. When feeling like I am being consumed by my work, I reflect on things such as this - it helps renew my spirit.

I just ate a very simple dinner. I love to cook - to chop veggies, use lots of spices and herbs, be creative in the recipes I create. Sometimes, I want to focus on other things. Like tonight. I chose to have soup for dinner so that I had enough energy to write, practice photography and walk on the beach with my husband. Eating soup for dinner reminded me of the plethora of options we have. We can choose how we live our lives. It's just about prioritizing.

I'm searching out new blogs to connect with and found a Monday Meet Up at Covered in Grace. What a great way to connect with other like-minded individuals!

My feelings of discouragement are beginning to fade. I think in part to putting ideas into place and taking control of some things that I tend to be lazy about. Plus, I've been praying a lot about this. The darkeness is fading. God really is rejuvenating.


  1. The beach was beautiful yesterday, we went on a beach walk, too. Miss you!

  2. It was beautiful! We were going to walk for exercise but then Floyd gave me a guilty look with his sad puppy dog eyes so we just took a casual stroll down to the water. It was worth it. He had so much fun, he was jumping around in the water and loves being engulfed by waves:)

  3. Sweet puppy dog. Link ups can be helpful. I joined the Into the Word Wednesday, and it forces me to focus on the Lord and write about what He's doing in my life. It's good discipline for me. :-) Glad you are feeling better.