Friday, February 3, 2012

Two Firsts

I'm so excited about my very first guest post!  Click here to check it out at the A to Z Challenge.  The challenge begins April 1.  You post every day (Monday through Saturday), each post will be based on a topic or theme with a letter from the alphabet.  You start with the letter "A" and end with "Z".  I explain why I am entering the challenge in my guest post.  Are you up to it?  If so, you can still sign up! 

I'm a little late in posting this link.  Tonight was the First Friday Art Walk in my town.  I love walking the streets of a historic town, listening to musicians, drinking wine and meeting new people.  I love visiting art galleries where you see the same artists and get to know them.  I wish the Art Walk took place every Friday night.  What a great day!  Today, I celebrate both my first guest post and my first conversation with someone who owns a haunted store. 

My husband and I walked into an antique store and spent about an hour listening to a very interesting story.  Apparently, the store used to be a jail and it was built on a cemetery.  Various paranormal teams have conducted investigations in the store and they determined that one woman and six child spirits live in the store.  The owner's story was quite dramatic and she even shared actual photos that the paranormal teams took.  She showed us a ghost-tool that lights up when energies are present (I think that it was called a K2) and I did see the light move from green to red a few times - I'm not really sure what I thought about it.  I am a skeptical.  Big time. 

At one point, I grew tired of listening to her story and wandered off to look at some newspaper clippings from the 1920's.  While my husband and another couple were grouped together, listening attentively to the store owner's story, I immersed myself in a Life magazine from 1950.  While I was reading a cigarette ad I heard childlike giggles behind me and I actually turned around to see who there.  There were no children in the store.  It totally freaked me out and I got scared - my hands got clammy and my heart started beating faster.  I just kept reading and then when we left the store, I told my husband what happened.  He wanted to go back to the store and tell the owner what had occured but I refused.  I do not want to open any doors to the "other side".  Even though I don't believe in this stuff - I'm not going to take any risks.       


  1. Hi Jaimie .. I'm sure you'll love the A - Z - delighted you've joined us via Teresa's blog .. love her stories and take on life.

    This para-normal antique store tale - sounds interesting .. like you I'd be a little anxious .... but I'm sure they'd love to know - and the children may need some extra hugs ..

    Great you're joining us - good luck and enjoy the Challenge - any chance of putting up a Friends link? - which we can join to show others we've followed you ... Have a good weekend ..

    Cheers Hilary

  2. Hi, Hilary. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I do think it is time to put up a friend's link now that I'm actively sharing my blog (instead of just using it as a personal journal). I'll get it up today.

  3. Hi Jaime, Followed you here from the A to Z blog where I thoroughly enjoyed your guest post. This too was an interesting story, kind of creepy too right?

    I look forward to your A to Z posts. New follower!


  4. Good luck with A-Z. I look forward to your posts.

  5. Thank you, Karen & The Armchair Squid. Good luck with A to Z as well.

  6. Hi Jaime, the town you visited sounds awesome. Unlike you, I am a total believer in things paranormal. I watch all the ghost hunting shows and am entertained :) Hearing a little girl giggling behind me and nobody being there would have freaked me out, though!
    Look forward to your A to Z posts!