Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Beauty of Humanity

I came across a video and was instantly mesmerized.  I paused the movie I had just put into my DVD player and watched the entire one hour and thirty four minutes.  It is beautiful.  The video, Life in a Day, portrays the beauty of humanity in a very organic way.  The beauty of sadness, anger, poverty, love, overindulgence, illness and death.  I can't tell if it helped me feel more connected to others in the world or more isolated.  It filled me with such emotion and I've been reminded of both the wonder and the pain that life holds for all of us. 

This video captures raw human emotion.  I had to close my eyes during certain parts - they were just too painful to watch.  Though, I do appreciate everything that is included in the video because I know that life isn't easy.  Life is messy.  People die, hearts get broken, we hurt each other, children dream of lives they will never have, we face our fears (or worse, we don't), animals are killed every day and families fall apart.  Life is also amazing.  People fall in love, couples find out they are pregnant, we surprise each other at the most unusual moments, adults impact children in very positive ways, we create, learn and build things, we find ways to trust each other and connect with God in moments of pain and loss. 

What's the point of it all?  This is where the word coincidence begins to linger in the air.  The movie I had started watching before I came across this video was Cafe.  It is a very interesting and spiritual movie about a coffee shop where everyone is living in a virtual world.  It is a wonderful movie and I highly recommend it.  The programmer tells the avatar that if she could do anything, "I would create a virtual world.  Filled with beauty and opportunity.  And everyone and everything in that world would ultimately be one.  But they just didn't know it."  Was it coincidence that I began watching Cafe when I came across the Life in a Day video?  Maybe.  Maybe not.         


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