Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I often think about the direction my living room sliding glass doors face.  I live in a condo and I do not have many windows.  I only have three windows and two sets of sliding glass doors.  Even with so few windows, my condo is filled with light during the day.  The most wonderful time is in the mornings.  My balcony faces east and as the sun rises, it shines into my home to wake me up and help me start my day.

As I stumble into my kitchen to make a pot of coffee, I look through my sea foam-colored curtains toward the light.  I take a deep breath and give thanks for the day, the sun and the many blessings in my life.  I appreciate all of my experiences and I have no regrets.  In these moments I think about the directions my life has taken:
  • From the east coast of Florida to the west coast of California where I completed my graduate work (a lifelong dream).
  • Coming to the realization that I may never have a baby and not really knowing how I feel about this. Am I ambivalent or am I just hiding my true feelings?
  • Losing my father on my 19th birthday and feeling lost without him. I also hate that my husband never knew my dad.
  • Being okay with the relationships I have with family members; though, I will always wish that we were closer.
  • Discovering that I love change, moving to different places and experiencing new adventures. I can't imagine staying in one place forever.
  • Getting a pretty big adrenaline rush the first time I discovered EBay and ending up with some land in Arkansas.  Neither my husband nor I have been on EBay since that late-night purchase.
  • Celebrating that 15 years ago today my husband and I became a couple. We had no idea our one night stand would turn into a beautiful life together. I never would have imagined that I'd meet my soul mate at a tavern over a pitcher of beer - God works in mysterious ways.
Sometimes I get anxious when I don't have a sense of where my life is headed.  It is so easy to feel lost instead of excited when I'm not sure what path I'm on or what direction to go.  I discovered a verse that I carry with me during moments like these.  

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. 
Proverbs 3:5-6

Winding Path
Somewhere in Florida
(I have a bad memory & can't remember where this is)

Do you embrace all of your experiences or do you have regrets?


    1. Visiting from the A to Z Challenge.

      I regret some of the choices I made--should have been more willing to take risks--but in the end, my life has been a fortunate one. I've learned to make lemons out of lemonade.

      I'll remember the quote. Thanks.

      Stop by and visit my blog. D is for Dystechniq.

    2. A great D post.
      I do have one regret I used to live in Spain nearby to my youngest son, then 5 yrs ago moved back to the UK. Everytime I go back to visit I wished I was still living there.


    3. I think of the word 'regret' in the sense of having made a poor choice. It wasn't my 'choice' that my Mum died when I was young, but I'm sad my husband and kids never got to meet her.

      Mostly, I think the circumstances in my life have meaning for the way in which they happened - in that sense, I regret nothing. God has a way of bringing good from everything we encounter, even the unpleasant bits, if we have His patience and perspective!

      BTW - thanks for stopping by my blog earlier in the week! ;-)

      SueH I refuse to go quietly!

    4. Very poignant D post. Nicely done.

    5. Great post. Sometimes, it's difficult knowing which direction to go. I always say choose (or make a decision with God) and then if for some reason you made the wrong decision (or didn't listento God's directive), try to make the decision right.


    6. Proverbs advice will never steer you wrong. Put your trust in the Lord and go where you are lead.

    7. Good reflections. Love the scripture. It's one of my favs too. :-)

    8. Regret (s) is part of life. Top say one never has a regret is to be either very naive or very narcisstic. All human beings feel remorse, disappointment, and or shame over certain actions, attitudes, or words.

      Gregg Metcalf

    9. i love your scripture choice---nice post

    10. Jaime, what a heart felt post...sometimes the direction we choose is NOT the one God has in mind. Yes, he does work in mysterious ways!
      good post!

    11. I am trying to embrace my experiences! But have to work at it :) Having more gratitude helps. Lovely post, Jaime!

    12. Just stopped in on the A-Z thing and am glad I did. I'll be back


    13. I am visiting from the A-Z Challenge.

      I love your outlook on things. Wonderful reflective post. I also miss that Florida sun!! I'm going "back home" to visit in 2 weeks and I can't wait!

      Cheers, Jenn

    14. Thanks for stopping by, everyone. I hope that you all had a wonderful Wednesday.

      I think life is about embracing everything - the happy moments, the stupid things we say, the devastation we may feel, anger, jealousy, not meeting a goal, having to say goodbye.

      I appreciate all of my experiences, good decisions, poor choices, failures and I work really hard to learn from them all. That way, I can help others when needed, become more empathetic and also grow as a person. Having no regret doesn't mean that I still don't feel ashamed or disappointed. I just don't allow myself to get bogged down by these feelings and I am very cognizant about making the best out of any situation.

      I'm looking forward to reading everyone's D posts. Happy Blogging!

    15. Hi Jamie, first time visitor and great to meet you. I do have regrets but I know God is in charge and can make things better, either in this life or the next!

      Stephen Tremp
      Co-host A to Z Challenge

    16. I'm at a point where being still and embracing what I do have is all I can handle right now. You made me think about regrets. I wouldn't have all I do if I changed any of it. Thanks for reminding me.

    17. I have regrets, but I try not to go there, because I can't change the past. I can only learn from it. I choose to believe that God can work all things for my good and that gives me a lot of hope! :)

      Good post!

    18. Life is full of regrets and sad moments, but may we all embrace the good moments and wonderful memories. Without those life isn't worth living, in my opinion.