Saturday, April 7, 2012

God's Word

A few months ago I set off on a spiritual journey with the intention of reconnecting with God.  I knew that I wanted to do this but I didn't know how to start.  In high school, my eyes were opened one Sunday and I saw both hypocrisy and superficiality in the church that I had dedicated myself to.  I was heartbroken and I lost touch with the church as well as with God.   

Seventeen years later and I still do not attend church.  I have been to a few services recently but I don't feel any closer to God when I go to church.  For me, my relationship with God is between Him and I - I don't need the church to strengthen or foster it.  So, when I first decided to reconnect with God I was pretty confused.  Then, I remembered my old pink Bible and I began reading God's Word again.  I still do not fully grasp the history of the Bible but I do believe what I read.  I believe in the Bible because I have faith that it is a true account of God's Word.  I've been reflecting on the meaning of real faith.  I love this example in the book of Hebrews:

By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance,
obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going.  
Hebrews 11:8

I think this verse is so indicative of true faith.  In today's world, can you imagine someone saying that she is following God's path even thought she has no idea where she is going?  Most people would think someone like this was mentally unstable.  I think this verse explains the beauty, simplicity and strength of faith.  I want to be like Abraham.  I want to follow God even when I have no idea where I am going. 

When I read God's Word, I feel connected to Him.  I feel that He answers prayers, explains things I am confused about and guides me to do His will.  I have faith that God's Word is the flame that has ignited my relationship with him.   

The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.  
Isaiah 40:8

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  1. I found this absorbing to read.
    Personally one does not have to attend church to be in touch with God. You can be in touch anywhere you may happen to be. That is my opinion others may disagree,

    Happy Easter.

  2. That's true. The most important factor you need to be close to God is just to trust Him. That means submitting to His Will even when you don't understand it.

  3. How touched I am by reading your post. I love that you focused on your journey with God, right before one the most important events in the Christian's journey-the resurrection. Easter.



  4. God's Word = His love letter to us!
    That's why you feel connected to him when you read it.
    Keep reading, searching, praying, loving, He will guide your steps

  5. Jaime,
    Gosh I so connect with this post...I too find so much hipocrasy within the church and I was so disallusioned so I just stopped going to church. I would argue with anyone who says I'm missing out or not 'faithful' because you are right; my relationship is with HIM, not anyone else and God is my faithful follower; He is with me every minute of everyday and I am award of His presence in daily tasks.
    Having said that though I do miss some of the services such as Easter and the music but it's not enough to make me want to go back to organized religion.
    Great post!

  6. Thank you for all of your comments. Sometimes, I feel alone in this way of thinking.

    Now, I don't feel that all organized religion is hypocritical. It's just that I was hurt so badly by my childhood church, that I feel like I have PTSD - it's difficult for me to attend church now.

    I do visit different churches now and then (I've been to Catholic mass recently and attended a non-demoninational church about a year ago) and will continue to try various churches. Maybe I'll find one that fits. If not, it's okay because God is with me.

    My husband and I are attending an Easter sunrise service tomorrow on the beach. I feel like that I am being pulled to attend. I think that I need to worship and that God is telling me to go. I'm really excited. Happy Easter.

  7. A heartfelt post.

    --Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  8. Being burnt by church members is fairly common. It's hard to remember that church isn't a museum of perfection, but a hospital for the broken.

    Have you tried church online? and are two phenomenal churches that broadcast online.

    Huge hugs to you. This post is relatable and heartfelt. I hope you have an extraordinary Easter experience. I'll be praying for your journey.

  9. Ditto for me and I see I'm not alone, which is nice.
    As they say, being in a church no more makes you Christian than standing in a garage makes you a car.

  10. honest, touching post. You are searching, Jaime, and that warms God's heart...that we simply seek HIm. He pursues us through many things, nature, art, people, even solitude. I am sorry you were so hurt by the church, but as someone wrote, churches are made of people and people mess up. We will not have perfect peace until we are free from this life. I wrote a post you might enjoy called "Who's the Boss?"

  11. I truly feel it's the way you live your life and your personal connection to God that makes us spiritual.

    Visiting and now GFC follower through the A to Z Challenge. Lovely blog!

    Best regards,
    Award-winning Children’s Author
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  12. Thanks for the supportive words and resources. The Easter sunrise service that I attended this morning was beautiful. The tide was coming in, pelicans and seagulls were flying over the congregation, the sound of the waves was a back drop to the sermon. It was amazing. It was also early. I ended up taking a 5 hour nap this afternoon. Happy Easter to all!