Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ukulele Adventures: Finding My Inner Hawaiian

About a month ago, my husband came home with a brand new ukulele for me. It was such a surprise. I am not a big fan of surprises but this one was awesome. I think the uke sounds so refreshing and happy. Now, I haven't really played all that much but I'll blame it on the amount of writing I've been doing lately. I am really excited about learning how to play. I've noticed that I can be impatient, though. I sort of want to skip the learning phase (though some would say this is the most important part) and just pick it up and play cool beach songs.

I took one lesson at George's Music and had to fake my way through the G chord. I've never played a string instrument before and my fingers don't naturally curve like they need to for many of the chords. One thing that I think is amazing about string instruments is how open you have to be to play. They seem like the kind of instruments that bring out true creativity and flexibility. I tend to be more structured in playing music. I used to play the flute and I like knowing that there are specific ways to key notes. Learning to play the ukulele is going to force me to be more fluid and open-minded. I'm looking forward to this.

Finding my inner Hawaiian is finding that really happy and content part of myself that I've somehow lost over the past few months. Lately, I've been struggling with this. I have been trying to figure things out on my own but nothing is working. This morning, I gave everything to God. I stopped pretending that I'm in control of my life. I came to the realization that my plans may not be His; because, I'm truly out of sorts. I just wish I knew how to go about this. Do I look for signs? How will I know what path God wants me to take? I guess I'll just have to pray about this as well.

Today's prayer: God, thank you for my life. Though I don't always voice my appreciation for everything you've given me, I really do. Help me use the various tools that I have, such as my new ukulele, to find my inner Hawaiian, my happy place. I know it is there. I just need You to help me connect with it.

I want to learn to play like this. Eddie Vedder is amazing.


  1. What an unique gift. I enjoyed your post and hope you get to play to the standard you want.


  2. This is the second ukulele story in the challenge I've read.

  3. Nice posting. I could never learn to play the guitar so I know I would totally fail at this one.

  4. Jaime,
    I love both the "UK" instrument that your husband bought for you...how sweet! now about that prayer...I hope you prayed it with your whole-heart. My husband is where you are right now. He lost his job almost a year ago and is restless, his self-esteem in in the toilet, he's got so much brewing inside and doesn't see a direction and it breaks my heart. Great questions, but you will know it when it is presented to you :)

  5. Thanks, everyone. I'm hoping to play a bit this evening. It's a great Florida day for some uke playing.

    Tracy, I'm sorry about your husband. Mine has been there as well. I think times like these are difficult for everyone but especially for men who are conditioned to be the family provider. My heart goes out to him.

  6. Sometimes we just have to wait on the Lord. My daughter has lost two jobs in the past year. She's just now found a teaching job again, but it was a long year or "what the heck am I supposed to be doing?!" Sometimes just doing what's in front of us is all we can do. God is with you, even when he won't sense it. He's always working on something. Enjoy that ukulele!