Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sarah McLachlan

I'm sure that most people (especially those of us who love music) have that one artist or band who makes them feel at home. Sarah McLachlan is that singer for me. Her music is beautiful and she helps me create a certain atmosphere in my home. It's a combination of relaxation, peace and love. Floyd, my dog, has grown up listening to Sarah McLachlan's songs. When I turn her music on, he becomes really relaxed and sleepy. I think that he loves her as much as I do. She takes me back to simpler times - those where I didn't worry as much or think too much. Her music is sort of freeing in a way. When I listen to her songs, my mind becomes clearer and free from clutter.

What music makes you feel at home?


  1. That was lovely to hear.
    My delight is Irish singer Daniel O Donnell which is a well known fact on blogsphere.


  2. Love her music :) Also a big fan of celtic music and Loreena McKennitt. Now I have to listen to more.

  3. Love her so much. Have some of her music on almost ever CD I make.

    God, if I could sing like that...

  4. I think her music is very profound, and I tend to be drawn to that. Her voice is also very soothing to listen to.

    For similar reasons, I also like Josh Groban. 'February Song,' is one of my faves.

  5. Sarah McLachlan is definitely one of my favourtie musicians! HOPE you've got a lot accomplished this week. Have a great weekend!!!